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eCommerce Partner Solutions

Partner with us and expand the reach of your bookstore by making the most of Bookwitty’s technology and book selling expertise both online and offline.

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Who is it for?

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Your job should be about curating books that people enjoy, not about managing logistics and paperwork. That’s where we come in with our complete solution, covering everything from online sales to delivery.

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Event Organizers

Putting together a great event is hard enough without having to worry about how to manage the logistics of your book sales. We offer a tailored solution tailored for booksellers on the move.

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School Book Fairs (US only)

International and immersion program schools understand how challenging it can be to organize a successful book fair. We help you organize a successful book fair that will keep your school community happy and engaged.

Bookwitty eCommerce


Our goal is to empower our partner booksellers to ensure they can focus on making great book selections while relying on our network for fulfillment and sales. Our years of expertise in book selling and distribution have allowed us to develop an ecommerce platform that is built around allowing booksellers more time to focus on making book recommendations while reaping the benefits every time they contribute to a buyer’s discovery journey

Contact us to learn more about how your bookstore can partner with Bookwitty to sell more books online. Whether you use our WordPress plugin-based solution or integrate our API within your existing online store, Bookwitty will expand the reach and sales of your bookstore to new audiences.

Bookwitty Pop-Up Selling


Sell books, wherever you are.

Whether you’re organizing a book signing, gallery opening, conference or any other type of event, we have an easy solution to help you sell books. Just select the titles you want to sell using our platform, and we’ll ship the books to the location of your choice. Using our Pop-Up Point of Sale tools, you’ll be able to sell books and process payments effortlessly during your event. When the event is over, we’ll even take care of getting any remaining stock back to our warehouses.

Bookwitty Design Services


Gain access to our in-house design studio’s know-how to take your brand’s visual universe to the next level.

If you are looking to make the transition towards digital, we are able to lift your brand identity to reflect your new positioning, in addition to developing and designing your e-commerce platform’s experience.

Bookwitty’s design studio provides external design services to our partners. Having conceived the totality of Bookwitty’s brand articulations, we’ve amassed crucial skills in both the digital and publishing industries that can help you stand out.

A big part of Bookwitty is also books. As such, our design expertise extends to publishing. If you are a publisher or an author, we are able to accompany you in the design of the various components that make up your book. We believe that each book’s release strategy is based around an immersive visual story aimed at attracting avid readers by giving them a taste of the book’s essence and story. We take on this narrative through book trailers, branded author interviews, social media campaigns and more.