How we Help Authors Reach a Wider Audience | Bookwitty Partner Network


Are you an author? We're here to help


At Bookwitty, we are here to help you promote your books not only our own website, but also on our partners’ websites. We will also assist you at the various book fairs and cultural events you attend, by putting you in touch with our bookselling partners who can host your book signings. To top it all off, if your website becomes a Bookwitty affiliate, we will handle all the logistics that come with any sale you make.

Expand Your Reach Internationally



Bookwitty promotes for free both French and English authors, not only through our own websites and channels of communications, but also through our media partners from all around the world.



On Bookwitty, authors can create their own pages, through which they can directly talk to their readers, share their latest updates, and interact with the Bookwitty community at large .



Within our community, Bookwitty can organize online campaigns and contests to promote and launch a conversation in and around your book.

Sell Your Books



Whether your book was mentioned on our own website, or on any of our partner’s website, we have developed a solution to help authors sell their books, as soon as they are referenced in an article, a reading list, or a blog post.



At Bookwitty we handle all online transactions by taking care of delivery and order fulfillment of any book sale.



We assist authors at book fairs, book signings and other cultural events, facilitating the planning and preparation for these affairs.

Increase Your Sales

Drive your readers towards, and when they buy any of your book recommendations, you’ll get a 10% commission on each purchase they make.

Be Connected


Personalized Website

At Bookwitty, we can build a customized website for authors, with a range of features and tools that will enrich and strengthen your ties with your community.


A Community of Authors

At Bookwitty, authors can recommend books themselves, by sharing their favorite reads that allows their readers to discover the works of your peers. You can also establish connections with other writers, expanding your horizon in the process.